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Finding In-Network Pharmacies

Steps to take guide

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Why does this matter?
  • Just like there are in-network and out-of-network doctors, the same is true for pharmacies.
  • A pharmacy network is a group of pharmacies that a health insurance company has agreements with to provide medications for a specific price.
  • Some health plans also have preferred in-network pharmacies which the health insurance company usually has agreements with to provide medication at an even more discounted price.
  • Make sure you are getting your prescriptions filled at an in-network or preferred in-network pharmacy to keep your costs lower.
Steps to take - Check your plan information
  • Many health insurance companies have an online tool to find in-network pharmacies near you. Your health insurance company’s website can usually be found on your health insurance ID card.
  • Look for what is usually called “find a pharmacy,” “pharmacy finder,” or “pharmacy locator,” on the website and fill in the required information. The website will show you a list of in-network pharmacies near you.
  • Some health insurance companies may also send you printed resources or offer an app you can download with this information.
  • Then tell your doctor, so they can send your prescriptions to the pharmacy you choose.

Ask for support

Talk to your doctor

Tell your doctor that you want to make sure your prescriptions go to an in-network pharmacy. Ask them if they or someone in their office can help with this.

Talk to the Pharmacist

Before you fill your prescription, tell the pharmacist the name of your plan and ask if they are in your plan's network.

Talk to your Insurance Company

  • Check the back of your health insurance ID card or go to your health insurance company’s website to find their customer service phone number.
  • Tell them you want to make sure you are using an in-network pharmacy to lower your prescription drug costs – and ask if they can help you with that or provide more information.

Additional Tips

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