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Places to Get Help with Medical Costs

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Patient Assistance Programs for Prescription Drugs
What Are They?
  • Many pharmaceutical companies and specialty pharmacies have assistance programs, often referred to as Patient Assistance Programs or Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs (PAPs).
How Can They Help?These programs may be able to help pay for prescription drugs by providing:
  • Co-pay assistance to help people who have health insurance pay the out-of-pocket costs associated with prescription drugs
  • Prescription drugs at no cost to individuals without health insurance
Many pharmaceutical companies offer additional support services, including:
  • Free trial vouchers for a specific trial quantity of a prescription medication
  • Connection to help with transportation and lodging when traveling for treatment
  • One-on-one support with mentors and health care professionals
  • Help with prior authorizations and resources to help you understand your health plan benefits
  • Sample billing and coding information, which will be helpful when you are reviewing your medical bills
  • Resources for denials and appeals
  • Referrals to appropriate patient assistance options
How Do I Find a PAP I’m Eligible For?
Charitable Organizations
How Can They Help?
  • There are many national and regional charitable organizations that are focused on helping people pay for medical treatments, prescription drugs, and other costs.
  • These charities may help by paying for:
  • Medical bills for treatments or prescription drugs that patients are having difficulty paying for themselves.
  •  Costs associated with travelling for treatment, such as transportation and housing.
  • Caregiver expenses, including direct payments for some caregivers.
How Do I Find Charities I’m Eligible For?Most of these organizations provide help based on your geographic area, income, and/or specific medical condition.

For more information: 
  • Discuss with your health care team
  • Dial 211 or visit https://www.211.org/ for information about local assistance  
  • Contact your local Medicaid office or social services
What is Crowdfunding?
  • Crowdfunding is the process of asking for donations from others and may be an effective way to help pay for medical and other expenses.
  • While crowdfunding can be done in-person, it is most often done online.
  • Individuals can create their own crowdfunding campaign or create one to help someone else. Generally, crowdfunding campaigns include information about the person who will benefit from the fundraiser and why they need financial help.
  • Once a fundraiser has been created, it can be shared electronically (e.g., via email or on social media), to help increase the number of potential donors.
  • Crowdfunding is a public activity, so it is important that you make conscious decisions about sharing your medical information.
  • There are multiple crowdfunding sites, each with different rules and fees for using their platform.
  • The money raised through crowdfunding can count as income, so make sure to check how it may impact benefits that you get (for example, Medicaid and Social Security Income).

More information

For more information on crowdfunding, and a list of platforms that may be helpful visit:

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