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Ways to Lower Your Prescription Drug Costs

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What You Can Do

ChecklistWhy it matters

Check your plan’s deductible and out-of-pocket maximum for prescription drugs.

Have your insurance card on hand to show your doctor’s office and pharmacy.

Why it matters

Understanding your plan and giving doctors and pharmacists your latest information can help you get the most from your insurance.

Look at your drug’s website for information on savings and support programs.

Why it matters

Drug websites may have information about programs that can lower how much you pay.

Check prescription discount program and price comparison websites. Examples include GoodRx.com, BlinkRx.com, Rx.com, NeedyMeds.org

Why it matters

Prescription discount sites may have coupons and pharmacy price comparisons for your medications that can lower your costs.

What to Ask Your Health Care Team or Pharmacist

QuestionsWhy it matters

How much am I going to pay for this prescription?

Who here can help me with my prescription drug costs?

Why it matters

Your doctor’s office and pharmacy may have staff who can help you understand what your insurance covers and what steps you can take.

Are there less expensive options available that would work for me?

Why it matters

There may be lower cost options your health care team can discuss with you.

Are there any coupons or savings programs to lower the cost of my prescriptions?

Could I try this drug before paying for a prescription?

Does the company who makes the drug have support programs we can look in to?

Why it matters

Drug companies may offer coupons, free trials, and patient support programs that can lower your prescription drug costs.*

*Eligibility rules may apply for patient support programs.

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